Building a Secure Work-From-Home Fortress

Building a strong Work-From-Home policy that stands as a brick wall against cyber threats!

A Guide to Thwarting Modern Cyber Attacks

As the digital landscape evolves, so do the methods used by cyber adversaries. It is important to remain informed about the latest threats to be prepared...

Why Your Cloud Environment Needs Palo Alto Networks Strata

Investing in Palo Alto Networks Strata is like equipping your security team with night-vision goggles – they can see further, understand more, and react faster.

Business Strategy
Net Friends Champions SMB Cybersecurity with NetSafe™ Launch

The risk of cyberattacks is notably heightened for small businesses. Over 46% of cyber breaches target SMBs. Is your business protected?

The Three Little Pigs' Guide to SMB Cybersecurity

A business fortified with strong cybersecurity measures is a business built with bricks, standing tall against the huffs and puffs of cyber threats...

Maximizing Email Security: Essential Strategies to Protect Your Inbox

The average office worker receives 121 emails daily, the volume and openness of email makes it highly vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Managed IT Services
Why Businesses Need IT Infrastructure Assessments

An IT infrastructure assessment is a systematic evaluation of an organization's entire IT environment.

Managed IT Services
What Is Shadow IT?

Shadow IT is a common issue with major security risks to consider. However, it is possible to leverage shadow IT to enhance your IT systems & security policies.

Managed IT Services
Why Securing Your Endpoints Secures Your Business

Endpoint management can sometimes feel like maneuvering through a complex subway system, with the multitude of endpoints resembling bustling stations.

How We Developed Our Approach to Security

Our cybersecurity culture is deeply informed by our vision for Universal Safe Networks and our commitment to help businesses fortify their security.

Managed IT Services
Top 5 Critical IT Projects for Small Businesses

Small businesses need to keep up with digital transformation to thrive. Let’s discuss four critical IT projects that can boost your success.

Leveraging Single-Sign-On (SSO) to Protect Your Business

Remote workforces are using more and more apps to complete tasks and remain productive during the workday. Single-Sign-On (SSO) helps secure network access.

Managed IT Services
Solving the Cloud Transition & Security Challenge

Learn more about NetVisor Architect, our solution for IT projects that assist in cloud transitions and modernizing your operations to improve business.

What is a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)?

As more companies adopt cloud applications, there is a need for greater cloud security. Discover how a CASB can help with your IT security policies.

Net Friends Receives SOC 2 Type II Attestation for Third Year, Adding Confidentiality Trust Services Criteria

“By engaging in the SOC 2 Type II audit every year, we are motivated by transparency and accountability,” said John Snyder, CEO of Net Friends.

Is Your VPN Solution Optimized for Anywhere Operations?

Our four core recommendations to ensure your VPN solution is optimized for Anywhere Operations to support your distributed workforce.

The Stack Lab: Meeting Cybersecurity Hands-On

In 2020, we designed our Stack Lab, featuring technology equipment that facilitates in-house, hands-on training for our technical staff.

Why You Need Technology Specialists

Far too often, IT companies are stuck in the generalist hiring loop with no formal strategy to develop their technical staff beyond being break-fix technicians.

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