How the Hybrid vCIO & Customer Success Approach Elevates IT Outcomes

Discover the benefits to IT services when you merge two key roles: Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) and Customer Success Manager (CSM).

Managed IT Services
What Is Shadow IT?

Shadow IT is a common issue with major security risks to consider. However, it is possible to leverage shadow IT to enhance your IT systems & security policies.

Battle of the Titans: Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365

A true showdown between two leading office productivity titans: Should your business choose Google Workspace or Microsoft 365?

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Unlock Seamless On-Site Support Services for Your Business

On-Site Support Services for small businesses.

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Why Businesses Need Wireless Assessments

Wireless networks have become the cornerstone of communication, pivotal in supporting our daily business endeavors. Should you assess your wireless network?

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Harness the Power of Automated Device Onboarding

As your business grows, you'll need to hire new talent to support that growth. Automated device onboarding can accelerate the success of every new employee.

Managed IT Services
Why Securing Your Endpoints Secures Your Business

Endpoint management can sometimes feel like maneuvering through a complex subway system, with the multitude of endpoints resembling bustling stations.

Managed IT Services
How An MSP Helps Businesses with Internet Connectivity

Your Managed Service Provider (MSP) can come to the rescue when there's an internet outage. Here's how!

Managed IT Services
Signs of a Mature Managed Service Provider (MSP)

As your business evolves, it is important to find an IT provider who can partner with you to support your growth.

5 Earth Day IT Tips for Small Businesses

Discover IT pro-tips that help your small business improve its green IT practices.

How We Deliver Value To Our Customers

Net Friends has made a commitment to our customers to deliver value through our IT Managed Services. Learn more about what that entails.

Why You Need Technology Business Reviews

Technology Business Reviews play a powerful role in enabling decision-makers to limit unnecessary expenses and reallocate resources to promising IT initiatives.

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Maximizing Your AWS Benefits with an MSP

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides flexible cloud computing and storage to small businesses without the need for any expensive equipment.

6 Most Common IT Concerns for Small Businesses

With restraints on resources and manpower, small businesses face higher stakes when seeking to make smart and informed IT investments.

Pro-Tips for the SMB's Digital Transformation Journey

Digital transformation is no longer exclusive to enterprise organizations seeking a competitive edge; SMBs are embracing it to improve core business functions.

2023 Strategic Priorities with Net Friends CEO

"All in all, being the Best MSP in 2023 is already more achievable given the groundwork we’ve accomplished in 2022," John Snyder shares.

2022 in Retrospect with Net Friends President

In 2022, Net Friends increased growth by a staggering 43%—an extraordinary feat that not only sets a new bar for Net Friends, but for all MSPs in our area.

5 Business Decisions to Make Before Your Azure Deployment

Creating a new Microsoft Azure deployment is a relatively straightforward process. However, a business needs to consider a few key decisions first.

Why Your Business Needs A Microsoft Solutions Partner

Any business seeking a Managed Services Provider (MSP) can find it tricky to differentiate between the various companies that claim to provide IT services.

How to Determine if MAM or MDM is Best for Your Business

Securing mobile devices with MAM or MDM is so vital and too often overlooked. Whichever path your organization chooses, you are already ahead of the game!

What To Do If You're Denied Cybersecurity Insurance?

Explore the 5 common reasons why businesses are denied cybersecurity insurance and what you can do if you are facing one of these scenarios.

How to Secure the Best Price for Cyber Insurance

Well-run businesses in high-risk industries have lots of sensitive records & are going to actively seek cybersecurity liability coverage to offset their risks.

Managed IT Services
6 Critical Factors Overlooked When Choosing a Managed Services Provider

Hiring a Managed Services Provider (MSP) is a significant decision. Most businesses take one of three approaches, yet overlook a few key consideration factors.

What Does Cyber Insurance NOT Cover?

While cybersecurity insurance helps alleviate the financial risks and burden of doing business online, there are liability limitations to this type of policy.

What Is Cyber Insurance & What Does It Cover?

Cybersecurity insurance is a contract that the policyholder purchases to help reduce the financial risks of doing business online. Learn about cyber liability.

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Patch Management: Why Your Business Needs It

Patch management is crucial to ensure business continuity. Learn more about how software patching can safeguard your organization.

Managed IT Services
Top 5 Reasons Why Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) is Critical to Anywhere Operations

Anywhere Operations is the new preferred work model. Let’s explore how zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) facilitates quick, easy, and safe remote work processes.

How to Update Your IT Budget When Switching from CapEx to OpEx

Companies are switching their mode of IT investments from CapEx to OpEx. Discover how to adjust your IT budget to support the switch to OpEx.

Leveraging Single-Sign-On (SSO) to Protect Your Business

Remote workforces are using more and more apps to complete tasks and remain productive during the workday. Single-Sign-On (SSO) helps secure network access.

How to Minimize Business Risks with a SOC 2 Compliant IT Company

Greater IT reliance will increase cybersecurity risks. Learn why you need a SOC 2 compliant managed services provider to boost cybersecurity.

5 Ways for Small Businesses to Invest in Sustainable IT

Green IT helps businesses save on costs while preserving the environment. Let’s consider a few sustainable IT projects that companies can implement.

Net Friends CEO Named to Information Technology Advisory Committee at Durham Tech

John Snyder, CEO of Net Friends, Inc., has been appointed to the Information Technology Advisory Committee at Durham Technical Community College.

Top 5 Strategies for Managing a Hybrid Workplace

Anywhere Operations and the hybrid work model are the new normal. Let’s explore the top five management strategies for today's hybrid workplace.

How to Budget for Anywhere Operations

The new normal requires adopting an Anywhere Operations model. Let’s explore the top budget areas that will help your company work from anywhere.

Is Your VPN Solution Optimized for Anywhere Operations?

Our four core recommendations to ensure your VPN solution is optimized for Anywhere Operations to support your distributed workforce.

Three Strikes Against Universal Print for Small Businesses

Currently, Net Friends does not recommend Microsoft’s Universal Print services to small businesses. Here are the core reasons why.

Managed IT Services
Navigating Microsoft Licensing Complexities for Our Customers

Two recent Microsoft licensing developments will impact how businesses obtain their subscriptions. Here is how we're navigating it on behalf of our customers.

Net Friends Owner John Snyder Named to National Small Business Association’s Leadership Council

NSBA’s Leadership Council to Advise Policymakers in Washington DC on Interests of Small Businesses

A Tech CEO’s Shortcut to Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Most businesses don’t have the luxury of conducting a formal Business Impact Analysis. Here's a BIA shortcut for your everyday business decisions.

Top 5 Benefits of Microsoft Azure for Small Businesses

Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of powerful cloud computing solutions for any small business. These 5 specific SMB benefits are worth noting about Azure.

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