Managed IT Services
Why Partnering With An MSP Can Be Your Game-Changer

Looking for an MSP partner? Discover how Net Friends stands out, offering a wide range of IT services tailored to support your operations.

Managed IT Services
Does Your MSP Understand You?

Is your IT partner truly in your corner? Let's explore key areas to evaluate your Managed Service Provider (MSP) by to ensure your IT partnership thrives.

Managed IT Services
How Managed Service Providers Help Businesses Thrive

Tired of IT headaches? Stop struggling and embrace proactive solutions with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that can boost your security and optimize your IT.

Managed IT Services
What Is Shadow IT?

Shadow IT is a common issue with major security risks to consider. However, it is possible to leverage shadow IT to enhance your IT systems & security policies.

Battle of the Titans: Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365

A true showdown between two leading office productivity titans: Should your business choose Google Workspace or Microsoft 365?

Managed IT Services
Unlock Seamless On-Site Support Services for Your Business

On-Site Support Services for small businesses.

Managed IT Services
Why Businesses Need Wireless Assessments

Wireless networks have become the cornerstone of communication, pivotal in supporting our daily business endeavors. Should you assess your wireless network?

Business Strategy
Weathering the Storm: Safeguarding Your Business with Hurricane IT Readiness

Storm readiness IT preparations will equip your business with safety protocols to respond quickly to weather disruptions.

Managed IT Services
An Essential Guide to Selecting Your IT Partner

Selecting the right managed IT services provider (MSP).

Managed IT Services
Harness the Power of Automated Device Onboarding

As your business grows, you'll need to hire new talent to support that growth. Automated device onboarding can accelerate the success of every new employee.

Managed IT Services
How the Outsourced Help Desk Synchronizes with Your Team

Outsourcing IT operations can restore internal cycles, improving support and filling gaps that enable you to concentrate on essential business priorities.

Managed IT Services
How An MSP Helps Businesses with Internet Connectivity

Your Managed Service Provider (MSP) can come to the rescue when there's an internet outage. Here's how!

Managed IT Services
Signs of a Mature Managed Service Provider (MSP)

As your business evolves, it is important to find an IT provider who can partner with you to support your growth.

Managed IT Services
How to Outsource IT Needs & Keep Your In-House IT Team

Outsourced IT services allow SMBs to leverage the expertise and capacity of managed services providers to boost their productivity and profitability.

My First Cybersecurity Incident

You never forget your first cybersecurity incident. It was the summer of 2001, & I was working as a field tech, supporting several medical research departments.

Managed IT Services
Top 7 Signs You Deserve Better IT Support

How do you know when to cut ties with your IT provider? You watch for these warning signs that indicate low operational maturity.

Zero Cost Security Improvements to Protect Your Business

Nearly 1 out of 4 small businesses suffered at least one cyber attack last year. Discover cost free protections you can implement now to improve your security.

Business Strategy
Top 4 Tips to Prepare Your Technology for Hurricane Season

With an above-average hurricane season ahead of us this year, now is the time to prepare for any adverse weather that could impact your business.

Managed IT Services
Top 7 Signs That Your IT Isn't Working

The drive to be a dominant player in your market requires leveraging the latest tech innovations. Your IT should make you more competitive, not hold you back.

Managed IT Services
6 Critical Factors Overlooked When Choosing a Managed Services Provider

Hiring a Managed Services Provider (MSP) is a significant decision. Most businesses take one of three approaches, yet overlook a few key consideration factors.

Managed IT Services
Top 5 Critical IT Projects for Small Businesses

Small businesses need to keep up with digital transformation to thrive. Let’s discuss four critical IT projects that can boost your success.

Managed IT Services
Solving the Cloud Transition & Security Challenge

Learn more about NetVisor Architect, our solution for IT projects that assist in cloud transitions and modernizing your operations to improve business.

Business Strategy
How to Budget for Anywhere Operations

The new normal requires adopting an Anywhere Operations model. Let’s explore the top budget areas that will help your company work from anywhere.

Business Strategy
18 Questions to Ask When Adopting Anywhere Operations

Anywhere Operations has emerged as a leading work model. Discover the key questions to ask your stakeholders before you adopt it.

Life At Net Friends
A Tale of Net Friendly IT Support (How I Met My Wife)

"In 1999, I was a new tech at Net Friends, enjoying my time supporting dozens of research departments at Duke University."

Is Your VPN Solution Optimized for Anywhere Operations?

Our four core recommendations to ensure your VPN solution is optimized for Anywhere Operations to support your distributed workforce.

Managed IT Services
Navigating Microsoft Licensing Complexities for Our Customers

Two recent Microsoft licensing developments will impact how businesses obtain their subscriptions. Here is how we're navigating it on behalf of our customers.

Managed IT Services
Top 10 KPIs Your IT Provider Should Be Tracking

How do measure the success of your Managed IT Services Provider? By tracking their key performance indicators. These are the top KPIs your MSP should report on.

How Do We Get to Universally Safe Networks?

It starts with a professional standardized certification for those who practice safe network design and operation.

How to Eliminate RDP Vulnerabilities

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) vulnerabilities are often easy targets for cyber criminals and they are too expensive to appropriately secure and monitor.

Managed IT Services
The Basics of “Small Office” IT Infrastructure

Within the broad classification of "small business," there's one type that is largely unacknowledged in IT advertising: the "small office."

Managed IT Services
Why You Need More Than A Break/Fix IT Partner

A Managed Services Provider gives your SMB access to several outsourced IT services at a predictable and affordable cost.

Managed IT Services
What is On-Demand IT Staffing?

You can leverage outsourced IT staffing for greater competitiveness. Discover how on-demand IT staffing can streamline your business growth.

Business Strategy
Top 8 Things to Include in Your IT Budget in 2021

Does your company have an IT budget? What are your tech spending categories? Keep reading for great insights on what should be included.

Managed IT Services
How A Managed Services Provider Can Help You Manage Your IT Budget

Trying to keep IT costs low, or prioritize a fixed monthly cost? Let’s discuss how a managed IT services provider can help you manage your IT budget.

Managed IT Services
Why You Need An Annual Infrastructure Assessment

Without an annual assessment, most businesses have no visibility over their assets, resource constraints, or other critical insights about their environment.

Managed IT Services
Top 4 Scenarios Where You'll Need On-Demand IT Staffing

Your business’ IT requirements will always fluctuate. Here are the top four situations where you will need expert tech staffing to help you pivot. 

Business Strategy
How Your IT Partner Contributes to Your Operational Maturity

What does the primary focus of your IT company say about the operational maturity of your IT environment?

Business Strategy
Part III: How Your IT Partner Contributes to Your Operational Maturity

What tools do you have in place and optimized to support your risk-informed responses?

Business Strategy
Part II: How Your IT Partner Contributes to Your Operational Maturity

Does your business have a Technology Roadmap for your Digital Transformation journey?

Business Strategy
Part I: How Your IT Partner Contributes to Your Operational Maturity

Are you focused on minimizing network downtown or avoiding unnecessary disruptions?

Managed IT Services
Choosing Your IT Decision-Maker and Making the Outsourcing Decision

Who should be the IT decision-maker in your business? How do you decide whether to outsource or hire for your IT needs?

Managed IT Services
Identify Critical Data Missing from Your Backup Strategy

Line-of-business (LOB) software is the Achilles heel of small business backup strategies. Don't forget to secure critical data from your LOB tools too.

Managed IT Services
The Benefits of Hiring An Outsourced IT Company

Small and medium-sized businesses often hire managed IT service providers to reduce costs and leverage external expertise, assets, & direct vendor partnerships.

Net Friends Joins Exclusive Aruba Program

Net Friends Provides Triangle Businesses Exclusive Access to Aruba Networks Wired and Wireless Infrastructure Product Suite

Managed IT Services
Why Use Microsoft 365 Business Premium?

The “Business Premium” plan is affordable and gives us access to powerful cloud-based security tools that we could call upon to keep your data more secure.

Managed IT Services
How We Built Our Technology Stack: A Palo Alto Networks Case Study

Establishing our Palo Alto Networks partner status allowed us to differentiate ourselves as an MSP and MSSP in the local and regional market.

Managed IT Services
How We Apply Continual Improvement to IT

This battle-tested process is what lets us give our NetVisor customers a single monthly rate, guaranteed for up to three years.

Managed IT Services
What Is A Technology Stack & Why Should I Care?

If your current IT provider isn’t operating within a defined Technology Stack, it means they are not supporting you optimally.

Managed IT Services
Microsoft Office 2010 Reaches End of Support in October 2020

Microsoft Office 2010 will reach “end of support” status on October 13, 2020. If you still have users working with Office 2010, we recommend you upgrade now.

Managed IT Services
Top 4 Technology Stack Questions to Ask Your MSP

Your MSP must be willing to make difficult commitments in order for their Technology Stack to help customers produce returns on the investment.

Managed IT Services
The Next Big Thing: Technology Stacks

Net Friends is the first managed service provider (MSP) in the Research Triangle region to deploy a complete Technology Stack for local businesses.

Business Strategy
Office 365 Collaboration Tools: A Telecommuting Response

Net Friends is ready to help you get the most out of your existing Office 365 plan or upgrade to one that meets your new telecommuting needs.

Business Strategy
Securing Email & Cloud Data: A Telecommuting Response

Over 90% of all cyberattacks begin via email. Within minutes, Net Friends can implement a full suite of security controls that can protect you against exploits.

Business Strategy
Securing Identifications: A Telecommuting Response

Protecting your credentials is a challenge in the best of times. There are so many clever tactics malicious attackers use to get your staff’s passwords.

Business Strategy
Our Telecommuting Response Packages

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we are announcing special packages designed to help you transition to working remotely with minimal loss of productivity.

Managed IT Services
Five Questions to Answer Before You Sign A Managed Services Contract

When shopping around for a Managed Services Provider (MSP) to handle your IT needs, you might be inclined to skim the contract they give you...

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